The Comedian Bully

Exterminatore VIII

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Fish in troubled waters: this is a famous saying in the whole world and now they are using some international criminals who are in the Dominican Republic to take advantage of the situation and force the president to pay the amount of Twenty Million dollars (US20, 000,000) ransom for his kidnapped daughter.
To kidnap the president's daughter, contrive to put evildoers bomb of mass destruction at the Central Bank, which will cause careless parents, including the presidential family.
Another plan of these individuals is "physically remove the president of the Republic".
After having everything in place, we just need to walk the plan and take everyone to do their job.
Kaonél, has been hired by the government to remove INVASIVE RATS is in the Central Bank and other government sites.
Exterminator VIII, so they call Kaonél, comedian Goon. In his work at the Center Bank, the exterminator meets a bomb, which faces unknowingly. In each event with the mobster, by sheer coincidence, Kaonél is in each of them.
The Comedian bully without knowing it: save the president's daughter, turns off the pump and also saves gangster.
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14 x 21 cm (con solapa)
Papel Blanco 75 Grs
Blanco y Negro
Aristides Almonte Alvarado

Aristides Almonte Alvarado
Escritor, Guionista y Productor de Cine.
Nace en la República Dominicana.
Es fundador de la Empresa Cinematográfica Festival Entertainment.

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