Nature is charging us our mistakes

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First of all, the meaning of writing this book is because I witnessed a great tragedy that occurred in Colombia, as was the landslide in the neighborhood of La Gabriela in the municipality of Bello in the department of Antioquia in Colombia, the mere fact of seeing housing and construction in a high-risk area, under a ravine with a history of water seepage was like a time bomb that later on had to explode
In the distance I had to see that day the power of nature and how it destroyed everything around it its great magnitude and its power and to see how human beings are invading these areas that had to be respected and be away from them would be the best solution
Every year, whenever we see the news, we are witnessing great natural catastrophes, which are increasingly larger, longer and more destructive, and that is where the question arises as to what is causing these phenomena to have greater power than what they were previously
The big cities that grow every year more in population, housing, roads, buildings, more parks and buildings for the distraction are stealing from nature trees, lakes, green areas, ecosystems, native animals, biodiversity, and this is altering the balance natural causing the protection we had before the natural shocks and staying out in the open.
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Luis Arturo Acevedo Acevedo

Luis Arturo Acevedo Acevedo

Nuevo escritor latinoamericano

Nacido en Medellin Colombia

Experto en finanzas personales,analista e investigador

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En los últimos 10 años he vivido en varios lugares a las afueras de Medellín y aunque he viajado a varios países
como Japon e Inglaterra y he vivido en varias ciudades de Colombia como Cartagena,Bogota,Cali y Manizales, llevo en Antioquia casi toda la vida.
He sido mil cosas diferentes: corrector, editor, lector profesional.
Mientras estudiaba ,comencé a editar textos para escritores .
luego trabajé en mis libros.
Llevo escribiendo desde hace hace unos años.
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