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Numeric palindromes, specular quantities and recreational maths

A playful proposal

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The idea of quantity and the concept of number is something that we come across every day. Indeed, natural numbers were one of the first things we learned in our childhood. But at some point all of us may have wondered where do the numbers come from? How do we start to use them? What was the need or needs that led our ancestors to define quantities? Well, the first men who walked on the surface of the earth appreciated their reality and "differentiated" or "distinguished" their own person from everything that surrounded them and that was part of a world that was there, in front of their eyes to be discovered, explored, organized and of which quantities and qualities could be defined, both in its extension and symbolically in order to understand it step by step. All this with the aim that primal man organize and adapt to the conditions and nature in which he was immersed. That is why man conceptualized and built a model, a scheme, an idea with which to measure his own reality and each object present in it: the number.
This book try to put one thing in the focus of the reader´s attention above all: the beauty, the aesthetics and the ability for recreate and entertain of the ideas that we have used since time immemorial, this ideas are numbers, the concepts of quantities and their inherent qualities, that we use everyday and the main theme that we'll consider, the numeric palindromes as astonishing properties of all the simplest numbers that we all learned in school. So let's have fun
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Geovanny Andres Marmolejo De Oro

Geógrafo de la Universidad del Valle

Mis campos de interés son la Geografía, los sistemas de información geográfica, la programación de software y las matemáticas

Geographer graduated from the Universidad del Valle in Cali Colombia.

My fields of interest are geography, geographic information systems, software programming and mathematics.

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