JAT, Story of tales, Volume-2

Anthology of stories

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The most beautiful dream is always told by all of us. Since long before Joseph son of Jacob interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh, we have understood the importance of our dreams, even at times when they end up prophesying many situations of our lives. As JAT He tells stories, he brings us a short summary of his interpretations of his personal dreams, addressing the most varied themes in each of his tales. Beginning with the tale The Reunion using narrative poetry, to illustrate the encounter of two old friends and the story of the Opponent, to signify antagonism. Taking into account the vicissitudes of life and its inexplicable surprises in Topaz. Taking up the old condition of human folly to focus only on the sui generis aspects of life in the account of Mr. Suárez. It also reminds you of the implications of being The Wise One. Demonstrating how difficult it is to be in love, when you are a blind person, how uphill that affectation can be. It also recapitulates the reality of particular love in the lives of two young people named: Enzo and Arnier. In the Tree Called Hope, it does not evoke the metaphor of the father, who cares, who guides his son. In one of the stories he introduces us to a contest where the Flea and El Grille struggle to win a jump competition, demonstrating that life always has an unequal struggle, which always ends up taking us back to natural and divine justice. leer todo...

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Jose Tabares

Me considero un escritor por convicción, novel... Prestado y formado en el ámbito de la ingeniería de sistemas y programación, Tratando de contextualizar muchos escritos que se quedaron en el tintero en mí juventud. Mis autores preferidos son: Gabriel García Márquez, José Saramago, Franz Kafka, Pablo Neruda, Julio Cortázar… Mis géneros preferidos son: ciencia ficción, cuento, relato corto, novela….

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