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Almost 40 years ago, I began to keep a monthly record of the books I read, and I thought that it would be interesting to analyze this list, to see how my readings have been changing in the different stages of my life.

As I was progressing in the analysis
of this list, I realized that a potential book was taking shape. I began incorporating other related aspects, such as how I pick the books I read, what´s the best time of the day to read and things like that, and it became clearer that I had a book in my hands.

This book that you are about to read is, by definition, a book about books, about those that have given me pleasure, that I have read with admiration, or that have marked me for some reason. And it is also a book about authors, those who have touched me with a single book, and those who have become dear travel companions.

Throughout these pages, it has emerged clearly what my relationship with reading has been for as long as I can remember. It is a love that has grown, that I have worked hard to cultivate, and that has been fundamental in my development and in who I am today as a person. I can also add without exaggeration that the noble exercise of this activity has also given me many beautiful moments in my life.
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Blanco y Negro
Alfredo Jiménez López

Alfredo Jiménez López ( O Coto, como lo llama casi todo el mundo), es barranquillero, felizmente casado y padre de dos hijos, lector ecléctico y voraz, amante de la poesía, opinador incorregible y dueño de una fina ironía, cuestionador, polemizador profesional. Le gusta el debate con altura, asumiendo en muchos casos posiciones que no necesariamente comparte, con el simple ánimo de provocar y poner a la gente a pensar. Apasionado por las causas en que cree y de espíritu contestatario cuando se enfrenta a normas o dogmas que considera sin sentido.

Es autor de tres exquisitos libros: Cotorradas, Cavilaciones y Confieso que he leído.
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