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When I was a child I dreamed of being a writer of short stories and horror novels, but the economy in my home was so very, very bad that if I am alive it is only because some higher intelligence came up with the idea that I should continue to evolve and gave me a second chance.
Then I made my way and understood that adversities could not prevent me from continuing to write my stories, because I did it often and in anything like a paper I turned my imagination into letters, letters that became words to then give life to a story, a fantastic story, a horror story, a story of life itself.
With this brief personal introduction I invite you to get to know my works, which may not be the best known in the literary market, but I can assure you that they represent the human being and all that hides within his heart and most importantly, they carry within each of them a pattern of behavior that can only be found within our human nature.
"This life is a virtual simulation game in which you can win or lose, you can keep playing for the rest of your life or join the club, ¡you decide! You only have to respect one rule because your permanence in the human farm will depend on it, keep playing until the end no matter how many times you are brought into this reality, so stay awake with your eyes wide open and your mouth tightly shut."
Welcome to the game of life, welcome to the matrix.
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Marcos Orowitz

Marcos Orowitz is an Argentine writer known for his unique style that challenges the boundaries of conventional horror. Born on July 4, 1985 in Mar de Ajó, Argentina, despite the difficulties, he found refuge in literature, being inspired by authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, Charles Bukowski, Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe.
In April 2024, Marcos Orowitz made the decision to retire from the world of literature. This decision was motivated by the countless threats he received due to the controversial nature of his works.
Throughout his career, Orowitz has published a total of 100 books,
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