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Nirvana moves all our entrails. It is the energy that is gathered in an instant and makes us great and wise before other people. It is a state where reason and whim have no hold. Everything comes as a wave, where everything that is not is overwhelmed and stirred by a sea of doubts about who we are. By becoming one with the universe, we become energy, the sublime surrounds us and lets us accept the impalpable reality. Questioning loses value and suffering stops, time eases reminding us that it does not exist. The voice is dilated, becoming longer and deeper in the space that surrounds us. Immediately the people around us begin to see changes in our behavior and we become more kind, more affable, quieter, more persuasive, full of unusual energy. No one can convince of his own experiences, but if he can write the stories where it is graced very clearly, as happens in the parables or paradoxes. It is at this point, where we accentuate the paragraphs of our anthology, focusing on the particular themes transported to the scene of self-help literature, sown like seeds in grooves of words full of tale. leer todo...

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Jose Tabares

Me considero un escritor por convicción, novel... Prestado y formado en el ámbito de la ingeniería de sistemas y programación, Tratando de contextualizar muchos escritos que se quedaron en el tintero en mí juventud. Mis autores preferidos son: Gabriel García Márquez, José Saramago, Franz Kafka, Pablo Neruda, Julio Cortázar… Mis géneros preferidos son: ciencia ficción, cuento, relato corto, novela….

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