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The blog that we are starting today is a daily reflection for you, translated from Spanish into English with much love by two North American friends that Susana has yet to meet in person.
Susana is Argentine, living in the capital city of Buenos Aires. The translation of this trimester
includes her testimonies with the Lord. It is important for you to know that there are different cultural customs in Argentina to which North Americans cannot completely relate. Thus, some of the details of her work have been changed. For example, Día de los Reyes (The Three Kings Day) is celebrated in January, following Christmas. She uses an illustration in one of her devotionals, using The Three Kings in reference to children. This reference has been changed to Santa Claus in order for the implication of her example to remain intact.
In no instance have any references or details regarding God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit been altered.
May God bless you as you read this daily devotional written by Susana Goglián.
Jan Turner
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