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The author makes a long self-analysis - about 40 years - of what happens in the human mind while sleeping. In fact, we only know 5-7% of how our brain works; That is, "things of the here and now"; Then, assume that the remaining 95% are "things from beyond."
Verify that
while we sleep there is an intermediate state of consciousness, where it is possible to think and ask questions, which can be answered in a state of semi consciousness. In fact, it shows that time clocks do not exist in that state, which explains why experiences lived in dreams, later happen or are verified in real life. Likewise, in that state of intermediate consciousness is the same past, present or future, because the time clocks in that state does not exist, or it does not make sense.
Moreover, in the 1960s and 1970s, nuclear tests were conducted on the reefs of the Pacific Ocean, and the benefit of nuclear tests is criticized which do not benefit humanity at all. It also criticizes the causes of the progressive deterioration of the ozone layer, due to the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels and the sending of other polluting chemicals into the space. Therefore he dares to show some 14 natural laws by which man should be guided in his concern to invent and discover new things. In his zeal for invention, research and growth of his intellect.
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Lorenzo Del Carmen Jimenez Varas

Nació Alto del Carmen, Valle del Huasco, Atacama, Chile. Estudió en Escuela de Minas La Serena 1964 y Universidad de Santiago 1968. Ingeniero de Minas Universidad Central de Venezuela. Posee una maestria en Geofisica. Trabajó en minas de cobre Chuquicamata y Andacollo 5 años; hierro 12 años y carbón 13 años, Venezuela. Profesor Universitario, 22 años, Tachira Venezuela. Estudio ingles en Hasting Inglaterra. Ha visitado diez países . Actualmente vive en Los Andes Venezolanos, frontera con Colombia. leer todo...

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