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After books like "Matrix Hack Your Mind," "Depression: The Dark Wave," "The Return of the Avatars," "The Andante," "The Lord of Ice Cream," "Stories From Here to Beyond," Ricardo León Espitia writes " DREAMING: The Best for My Life," which has a magical sense and contains the force of light and the power of synchronic order that seekers of life change require.
For that reason, this book is different from any self-help book, as it doesn't fit within rational principles or scientific materialism, and it's not guided by psychological theories.
This book explores a rather controversial point of view and is based on the experiences of people who have practiced some of the principles that DREAMING presents. Because of this, we are absolutely certain that it will positively change the life of every person who commits to the philosophy of a new mental attitude.
People who have had the will to commit to radical change through the methodology of DREAMING have experienced a state of supra-consciousness so special that it's as if they were reborn into life once again.
Hence, from these experiences, DREAMING is born.
This book aims to be a simple and entirely effective method to practice if the given instructions are followed.
Read this little book. It will change your life if you give it a chance. Because the book represents a force beyond all human understanding. DREAMING is your guide on the spiritual path. More than that, DREAMING is the light of universal intelligence that will now guide you on the ascent to your next dimensional goal
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Ricardo León Espitia

Ricardo León Espitia, profesional en administración de empresas, deja su profesión debido a conocimientos especiales que le abren posibilidades de tipo paranormal, como la de poder hacer diagnostico observando el aura en las personas, ya sea de forma presencial, por medio de fotos o por contacto telefónico. Posee la facultad de aliviar en segundos, dolores de cabeza, migrañas y cólicos menstruales, presencialmente y a distancia por contacto telefónico y por internet. Desactiva problemas de adicciones en seminarios y conferencias y se ha especializado en la problemática de la enfermedad de la depresión. Autor de varios libros Matrix Hackea Tu Mente, Depresión La Ola Oscura, Ensoñar Lo Mejor Para Mi Vida y otros, donde traslada conocimientos para ayudar en la solución a la problemática mundial de la depresión. leer todo...

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