What is the secret of Mr. GEORGE?

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We all have a well-kept secret in our lives. How many facts can trigger, the adventures after the resolution of our secrets. Life shows us, at every moment, that the attitudes that we can observe in other people can be summed up in many actions by solving many problems, be they ephemeral or determinant. But everyone, meddles in the lives of all those around him, trying to make him part of his own solution. The important thing is that everyone tries to achieve their mission at the expense of all those who are foreign to him, if so, ends up consuming his goal. Our protagonist dares to distract us with his doubts and his views, which can sometimes be shown as challenging or mystical. But at the end of the day, each and every one of the co-protagonists around the main one ends up modifying their lives because of one. The one, who tries stubbornly to travel any path, where he makes reality his dream of existing in this world and give his life a meaning. Without knowing, this character creates everyone's story. leer todo...

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Jose Tabares

Me considero un escritor por convicción, novel... Prestado y formado en el ámbito de la ingeniería de sistemas y programación, Tratando de contextualizar muchos escritos que se quedaron en el tintero en mí juventud. Mis autores preferidos son: Gabriel García Márquez, José Saramago, Franz Kafka, Pablo Neruda, Julio Cortázar… Mis géneros preferidos son: ciencia ficción, cuento, relato corto, novela….

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